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Joanne Heaton, Pall Mall Patient

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What is varicose veins treatment?

Get rid of unsightly or painful varicose veins from your legs or body.

Do you suffer from unsightly or painful varicose veins? Have you had enough of always having to cover up your legs, never feeling comfortable in shorts, or being self-conscious in your swimwear? Then its time to say hello to your legs and goodbye to your varicose veins once and for all with treatments by our Consultant Vascular Surgeon without delay or waiting lists.

Varicose veins are common, affecting a third of the population. They can be painful and unsightly and usually develop in the legs but can also appear in the groin. Varicose veins are usually blue soft lumps that are more prominent when standing, but they can also be red and tender if associated with complications such as inflammation.

Typical symptoms of varicose veins include pain, aching, discomfort, swelling, heaviness and itching. Additionally there is a strong recommendation from NICE that patients with skin complications of varicose veins should be reviewed. These include increased pigmentation or thickening of the skin in the lower legs, varicose eczema and current or healed ulcerations.

Varicose veins are common in both men and women, especially as we get older. They can be more troublesome in women because of the association with hormone changes and pregnancy.

Varicose veins are the result of failure of the normal valve function in leg veins. This leads to abnormally high pressure within the veins. This raised venous pressure leads to dilation of the veins and the visible varicosities as well as the common symptoms of varicose veins which are mostly related to leg swelling.

Varicose veins, if untreated, can continue to get worse with time. As valve function fails, the veins dilate making the problem worse. Consultation with a vascular specialist is advisable for patients with large varicose veins, especially if associated with symptoms. The National institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends consultation with a Vascular specialist for patients with symptoms from their varicose veins.

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Pall Mall Patient Charter

Surgeon consultations in-clinic or via video

We are now offering in-clinic surgeon consultations in Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows as well as continuing our video consultations for patients.

We've introduced a number of measures in our clinics and hospital to protect the well-being of our patients in the era of Coronavirus. We want you to be reassured that having your procedure at Pall Mall is supported by clear processes, standards and policies - all put in place for your protection and peace of mind. You can find the full details of these in our new Patient Charter.

How do I book a surgeon consultation?

Simply call our booking team on 01618322111 or complete our online enquiry form and ask for a video consultation.

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    Our COVID-19 patient charter outlines the steps taken to make our clinics COVID secure during lockdown.

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    Our COVID secure clinics are open for consultation, treatments and surgeries during the November lockdown.

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    We provide FREE Coronavirus PCR testing for all patients prior to admission to protect fellow patients and staff.

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    We’re offering in-clinic and telephone consultations for all patients.

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    We've reduced our capacity in our two operating theatres so we have fewer patients to allow for social distancing & greater infection control.

I used to avoid my legs being on show at all costs. My vein removal surgery has changed my life and given me the confidence to wear things I never would have before. Pall Mall were so helpful throughout this whole process.

- Sheila


How much does varicose veins treatment cost?

Surgeon Consultation & Ultrasound Scan Radiofrequency Ablation (treatment of upto 1 x leg) Vein Stripping / Ligation
£175 From £1995 From £POA
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What happens during
varicose veins treatment?

From your first call or email, we’re here to look after you. Whether you're still researching about ways to remove varicose veins and would like more information, or you're ready to meet a surgeon to see what results you can achieve, our team of patient co-ordinators are here to help.


Varicose veins can cause pain and discomfort and therefore it's understandable that you may want to see the issue resolved. Consequently, when you meet with your consultant it's important to explain the concerns and how it's affecting you.

The surgeon will then examine this area and talk you through the surgery, the recovery, the risks and answer any additional queries. The appointment is 20-45 minutes so you have enough time to get all the knowledge you need.


Any surgery has the potential to be worrying for someone and we try to alleviate that by having a pre-operative assessment. Here we will check for MRSA and may also do some blood/urine tests to ensure you are strong enough physically to undergo the treatment.

This session will also involve taking some photographs for our records but also so we can document the treatment journey and analyse your progress. There will also be time for some Q&As and the nurse will be able to tell you about the procedure, the hospital and how to prepare for the surgery in the days leading up to it.


The surgery will take place at our private hospital in Newton-le-Willows. You'll have a friendly welcome and be shown to your en-suite room which is designed for your every comfort. The surgeon will then visit you to get your consent and carry out a straightforward medical check to guarantee that you're in good health for the surgery.

You will then be sedated with a general anaesthetic and the surgery will be performed by creating incisions to the top and bottom of the varicose vein. A thin wire will then enter and attach to the being to pull it out before the incision is closed and resown. The removal will take between 60-90 minutes.


Following the surgery, you will not be ignored! Over the next two months, there will be three mandatory sessions with the surgeon/nurse so we can monitor the effects of the Varicose Veins treatment and so we can continue to document it.


As a leading healthcare provider, we naturally have an incredible aftercare programme with extensive support for our patients. If you want reassurance about your recovery or progress then organise further appointments with your surgeon or reach out to our nurses, with whom you'll have a 24/7 direct contact.

Book a free Consultation today by filling out our webform or calling us on 03300 584455.

Here for you every step of the way

We understand that varicose veins can hold you back in many areas of life, so we do everything we can to make sure that you get results that will give you the confidence boost you need. You can discuss how you’re feeling with our patient co-ordinators who will be with you every step of the way to make sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible and you’re fully supported.

At Pall Mall, we will be with you throughout your journey to answer all your questions and give you all the support and advice you need. Our team of expert consultant vascular surgeons have performed thousands of these procedures so you can rest assured that you’re in the best possible hands.

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