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Intra-Lipid Infusion

A revolutionary treatment to protect your pregnancy, ideally suited if you have a "precious pregnancies", if you have had a miscarriage, failed IVF or IUI procedures or if you are considering future IVF or IUI treatments.

Recurrent miscarriages and numerous failed IVF attempts could be the result of high natural killer (NK) cells in the body. NK cells form part of the immune system and high numbers of these cells can mean that they treat an implanting embryo as an invading cell and attack it, preventing it from implanting or causing an established embryo to miscarry.

Intralipid infusion therapy enriches the body with essential fatty acids which help to suppress the NK cells and therefore encourage the embryo to implant successfully. This treatment is not currently available on the NHS but is available from the experts at Pall Mall Medical.


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Intralipids infusion therapy £250
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